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Secret History aired the Santilli Footage of an  autopsy of a "white female humanoid" on August 28th 1995 within the context of the unknown cameraman's testament which declared it was Kodak film footage from 1947, shot in Roswell of the victims of the crash of a Flying Saucer (read by Brian Blessed).  Secret History is a documentary series on Channel 4 which deals with serious historical secrecy issues often relating to war.  The Roswell Incident is the most well documented event of possible alien contact since it was first discussed by Major Jesse Marcel in 1978 with Ufologist Stanton Friedman. There had been an instantaneous security clamp down on the matter after Mac Brazel, finding the debris on the Foster Ranch had informed Sheriff George Wilcox who had notified the army.  Pretty soon it was written off as a weather balloon, as were the thousands of sightings which fell within the remit of  Project Blue Book.  This cold war era (1945 - 1969) was filled with many clandestine projects often involving Mind Kontrol and Disinformation/Propaganda elements.  Bluebird for example was begun in 1947. Blue Book was specifically designed to allay public anxiety about inexplicable aerial anomalies, yet despite their aggressive denials of witnesses experiences and credibility, they nevertheless found that out of 12,618 reported sightings (made against a backdrop of stigmatizing ridicule, for which you could lose you place in society and employment) 701 were impossible to define as anything but unidentified.  The Roswell Incident occurred at the Base of the 509th Bomb Group, the only strategic military air command in the world with nuclear strike capabilities and who were, therefore, the greatest threat to humanity, having already bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The scandal of the threats made to witnesses of the alien craft and bodies, and the theft from global culture by the supression of the news of alien contact, is enough to inspire anyone's interest, and the mystery of the enigma is continued by Santilli's Footage.  In the recent context of the photos and videos made by the US military of the POWs from the invasion of Iraq, I invite you once again to consider this Footage, in terms of whether it is an example of something as yet undisclosed.  Could it be a human not of this earth?  Or is it an example of something more sinister done by humans to humans?  What does the fact of it's being female mean in terms of a non threatening presence?  Does it lose credibility and get dismissed as a 'hoax' because it is so female and human? Here is art  and theory published  by Camera Obscura at Indiana University Press.  I remind you that this Footage has been released publicly since 1995 and no special effects company has claimed it, no one has proved it is a hoax, and it is much too important to dismiss in those terms.  I'm sorry for you that it isn't the "little green man" you were expecting, but maybe it is the "lady in grey" we've been seeing for centuries.  A ghostly spectral figure only seen in shadows with an enigmatic message which may just shift your frozen paradigms, or expand your mind.  Ah, those little Grey cells !  There is an encyclopedia on the last page of this site.

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An (as in Mayan, Pleiadian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian) is the father of Inanna, Queen of Heaven who ruled in Ur (Iraq) about 4,000 years BC, and that's the best way I can link the Mayan calendar information about the Photon Band changes with the Pleiadian links below.  An is the God of the Sun/Sky and Solar changes are predicted at this time as it becomes stronger.  You may have noticed that New Agers often call themselves Light Workers which describes their awareness of the importance of particles and waves of light, the vibratory rate of which is speeding up.  There are many spectrums of light, some of which are not visible to the human eye.  Photography, cinema and digital imagery require light for their visibility, and just because you cannot see something doesn't mean it isn't there.  Electromagnetic communication is an influx of information and the Earth entered a band of Photonic energy in the year 2000 as predicted by the Mayan and Pleiadian calendars.  Like an enormous clock the cycle has begun of the era of Aquarius, follow the links below and be open to new levels of awareness as the time is right.

Giza Plateau 1993

Egypt has step pyramids too

and Karnak still has the original


See Inside the Mummy at the

British Museum.

Here is a theory regarding the

removal or loss of the honourable

member.   The giant depiction of a man with a club and a member outlined in white chalk, is a harkening back to a time when the phallus was an important cultural symol of fertility.  The Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris were apparently skygods whose skin shone like gold. They were given the divine right to rule over Egypt.  Unfortunately Seth who is equaited with the devil destroyed Osiris by dismembering him and scattering his parts across the land.  Through magic, Isis was able to gather all the missing parts and reassemble him except his penis which she could not locate.  The cross section of the base of the phallus of Osiris, is a circle.  The circle is a symbol of God, whether it is a ufo or a snake eating it's tale (Ourobourous)

It is the moment of the union of the male and female principle.  The impregnation of the Sky God with the Earth Mother, Amen/An and Nut.  So are crop circles or fairy rings the oscillating diaphram between the celestial and the 3 dimensional realms? It is also the representation of the tower, or the heightened plane, Devil's Tower Wyoming, or the raised platform from which the Sky God's can set off and arrive.  And the search for the missing member then would be the quest for the key between humans and Gods or Angels - a dimensional portal which was taken in conflict, and whose recovery would bring harmony - a Stargate.

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