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An (as in Mayan, Pleiadian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian) is the father of Inanna, Queen of Heaven who ruled in Ur (Iraq) about 4,000 years BC, and that's the best way I can link the Mayan calendar information about the Photon Band changes with the Pleiadian links below. An is the God of the Sun/Sky and Solar changes are predicted at this time as it becomes stronger. You may have noticed that New Agers often call themselves Light Workers which describes their awareness of the importance of particles and waves of light, the vibratory rate of which is speeding up. There are many spectrums of light, some of which are not visible to the human eye. Photography, cinema and digital imagery require light for their visibility, and just because you cannot see something doesn't mean it isn't there. Electromagnetic communication is an influx of information and the Earth entered a band of Photonic energy in the year 2000 as predicted by the Mayan and Pleiadian calendars. Like an enormous clock the cycle has begun of the era of Aquarius, follow the links below and be open to new levels of awareness as the time is right.


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