Ministry of Defence

UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence
1959 22
1960 31
1961 71
1962 46
1963 51
1964 74
1965 56
1966 95
1967 362
1968 280
1969 228
1970 181
1971 379
1972 201
1973 233
1974 177
1975 208
1976 167
"The numbers of UFO reports submitted to the Ministry of the end
of 1975 this figure stood at 2,695...Since the number of reports submitted to you
in the 9 years prior to 1968 was 625 and in the 8 years after this period was 2,070,
this suggests an average increase for the two periods of almost 400%"
UFO Statistics - 1st January 1968 t 31st December 1972
1968 65 10 36 3 114 30 22 280
1969 37 9 27 19 101 17 18 228
1970 9 8 31 16 97 5 15 181
1971 28 11 33 62 160 27 58 379
1972 7 28 17 2 128 5 14 201
Miscellaneous in this instance meaning: for example hoaxes, the reflection of lights on cloud, flares, fireworks, kites, lights on tall structures, photographic aberrations and bird flocks.


24th August 1976

Thoughts on MILABS Military Abductions

Who are the most bored and disciplined and basically expendale people on earth (apart from the homeless who are not disciplined) it is the military boys.
So say for example the aliens had been abused by humans that they had captured (for example when Whitley throws stuff at them and when the soft white fungus head one gets smashed into a wall in that book Majestic by Whitley) and had basically had enough of being challenged and causing fear by their appearance. It would make perfect sense for them to take humans as tools to use. They tried robots (with Whitley and others). In the sense that you get served by the shop assistant and not the shop manager. The aliens would supervise and the humans under control would 'man handle' you to prevent fear and strangeness, and to be more robust if you kicked out. Whether this happens at the time or when you remember is vague as all space and time happen simultaneously, so a very wise thing could interact with you as you had the experience and also channel at you while you recalled it. This theory for me allows for the military (perhaps unwittingly and unconsciously) to be involved without it excluding the possibility of the higher ones. Also the scary part of the Betty and Barney Hill encounter where Barney remembers one alien wearing a black shiny coat and military hat is covered in the film about an Inter-Rossiter where the first signal that comes through is of the Nazi's marching and Hitler speaking. It scares the scientists in post WWII America until they realise that the aliens are returning a broadcast signal as a codekey and as a starting place from which to communicate their message of how to build a communications device (the Inter-Rossiter). In the Betty and Barney encounter it is not unfeasible that their captors were trying to impress with an authoritarian approach, perhaps because they were physically smaller, or perhaps to check the reaction (they like emotional testing), or to disguise themselves so they would look less alien and more like a person. If you consider the signal idea of planets receiving our tv and radio long after it has been sent this makes sense. In this context consider the Arecibo message and others we have sent, we sent them images of friendly naked people and DNA. If that was an advert for Earth what would it tell you? Free DNA accessible here come and get it! Makes me laugh, and then we complain when they do come and harvest our eggs and sperm. I want to see more comparison of this with the Chilbolton reply in a crop glyph, which depicted an alien face and extra DNA strand.
Can I just say also that as a female, I am absolutely fed up with the male obsession of violence and fighting that I see in Star Trek and Star Wars. There are more ways to relate than hack and slash you know, and if the others operate with telepathy, they would sense your thoughts as very stinky indeed. Hence the need for Buddhist meditation to quiet the chatter of the mind and listen to the Universal Mind/Consciousness - Divine Oneness.
[Also as I am female repressed under the constraints of societal/cultural/global patriarchal androus over saturation, bear in mind that I may be making excuses for stupid men as part of my conditioning]


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