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Secret History aired the Santilli Footage of an  autopsy of a "white female humanoid" on August 28th 1995 within the context of the unknown cameraman's testament which declared it was Kodak film footage from 1947, shot in Roswell of the victims of the crash of a Flying Saucer (read by Brian Blessed).  Secret History is a documentary series on Channel 4 which deals with serious historical secrecy issues often relating to war.  The Roswell Incident is the most well documented event of possible alien contact since it was first discussed by Major Jesse Marcel in 1978 with Ufologist Stanton Friedman. There had been an instantaneous security clamp down on the matter after Mac Brazel, finding the debris on the Foster Ranch had informed Sheriff George Wilcox who had notified the army.  Pretty soon it was written off as a weather balloon, as were the thousands of sightings which fell within the remit of  Project Blue Book.  This cold war era (1945 - 1969) was filled with many clandestine projects often involving Mind Kontrol and Disinformation/Propaganda elements.  Bluebird for example was begun in 1947. Blue Book was specifically designed to allay public anxiety about inexplicable aerial anomalies, yet despite their aggressive denials of witnesses experiences and credibility, they nevertheless found that out of 12,618 reported sightings (made against a backdrop of stigmatizing ridicule, for which you could lose you place in society and employment) 701 were impossible to define as anything but unidentified.  The Roswell Incident occurred at the Base of the 509th Bomb Group, the only strategic military air command in the world with nuclear strike capabilities and who were, therefore, the greatest threat to humanity, having already bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The scandal of the threats made to witnesses of the alien craft and bodies, and the theft from global culture by the supression of the news of alien contact, is enough to inspire anyone's interest, and the mystery of the enigma is continued by Santilli's Footage.  In the recent context of the photos and videos made by the US military of the POWs from the invasion of Iraq, I invite you once again to consider this Footage, in terms of whether it is an example of something as yet undisclosed.  Could it be a human not of this earth?  Or is it an example of something more sinister done by humans to humans?  What does the fact of it's being female mean in terms of a non threatening presence?  Does it lose credibility and get dismissed as a 'hoax' because it is so female and human? Here is art  and theory published  by Camera Obscura at Indiana University Press.  I remind you that this Footage has been released publicly since 1995 and no special effects company has claimed it, no one has proved it is a hoax, and it is much too important to dismiss in those terms.  I'm sorry for you that it isn't the "little green man" you were expecting, but maybe it is the "lady in grey" we've been seeing for centuries.  A ghostly spectral figure only seen in shadows with an enigmatic message which may just shift your frozen paradigms, or expand your mind.  Ah, those little Grey cells !  There is an encyclopedia on the last page of this site.

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"What she said was sad, but then all the rejection she's had, to pretend to be happy would only be hideously blue......"


Roswellian Questions Remaining


It’s incredible the harm humans do to others, that is what is beyond belief – not fairies, but human on human atrocities.


Why do people act complicitly and collude with people who hurt them?


Is it politeness or fear, or do we not care cos we want to die anyway?  That self-destructive human urge which aliens find so annoying.


What is respect and what is harm?  Is tough love good, or is it beneficial to neglect and ignore someone, and to let them figure it out for themselves?


A man was scared by a reality he saw which others didn’t see.  Was he right to be afraid, or was he privileged to see an amazing other worldly event - the construction of a Fairy City? Or was it the saturation of the air with electricity?  Was it souls, or aliens, are they the same thing?


What is an angel, is it a human soul, or a divine being, or an ET?


Dimensions, are they portals into other solid realities?  If they last for one second are they real, or only if they last for fifty years or more?  


When I was very young I saw in the twilight gloming sparkles in the air which were little beings, little insectoids playing musical instruments like Ant and Bee’s birthday in the illustrated children’s book.  So was I dreaming and imagining, no I was awake and the dusk, the dim light was alive with life.  Dust motes in the sun move like shoals of fish, a soup of particles, I’ve seen them, but this wasn’t that.  Remember in ‘Most Haunted’ or whatever in the cellar and they saw a mist, a substance in the air which moved independently of the draught and the air.  Is this aether?  Or is aether electrical charge?  In the vacuum of space are there shoals of souls?  Or do we go into the next realm as humanoid?  No we escape like steam, a grey mist or a golden glow, we are light beings.  Everything is light, without light there is nothing but sensory touch and smell.  We are solidified light somehow.


I read that ‘angels need a body to interact with humans’, so if a body is made and inhabited by an entity, which then leaves it behind once the message is delivered, does that mean that the object was never really alive?  No it doesn’t.  Haunted dolls, things that are inanimate can be possessed, maybe for a split second, maybe for years – do they move slower than us, or faster?  Do they only move when we are not looking – like Bagpus and his friends when he is ‘awake’?  How can you tell whether it is a human with technology or an Other Worldly being?


Either you experience the strange or else you have no experience of it.  You may forget afterwards, that strange moment when you were little and things surprised you - fairies at the bottom of the garden or a strange object in the sky.  It may not happen until you have been alone and still for a very long time, maybe when you are very old.  That doesn’t mean ‘you should get out more’ it means that you took the time to wait and were blessed with a gift in return.  A consciousness looking back at you, a moment when a face came out of the wall, a moment when you were not alone and yet no other human or animal or bird or fish or insect was there.


This is the junction where the aliens and the ghosts meet, the fairies, the demons, are they all part of the same thing?


Once you open your mind to this, you enter the ‘twilight zone’ the breathing of the universe pounds in your ears, and you explain it by saying it is the blood of your heart beating, but it isn’t.


Think of the complexity of life at a microscopic level, the beauty of it atomically, the design of it.


People say that the world is created and recreated every second, that it is living and conscious, people say that everything happens at the same time, and some people say that in the Other Realms there is no space and no time – that these are human concepts to allow us to have a pathway in which to learn, a structure in which to grow.


It is all to do with how people interpret.  Is the world flat or round, if we see it as a sphere from far away, is that to do with the shape of our eyes, maybe it is flat discs which connect by dimensional portals, maybe the Cosmic Trickster decides what is recorded on our camera films and how far our minds can understand physics and mathematics and geometry.


There is an unknown, it constantly proves itself to us but we do not want to believe - the functioning which puts bread on our table and children in our schools, demands that we ive in the 'real' world.


What if we are the chrysalis, or the caterpillar and the evolution of us brought about by our ‘death’ is more beautiful and amazing than we can imagine?  What if the ‘unknown’ is our lover calling from the realm beyond, calling us home to  a world we have forgotten at birth?


If death is the end, then why shouldn’t humans die like the animals they eat or test toxins on?  What makes us so special.  


We are not natural to this planet, we are the only species that needs clothes and that cannot survive in nature (although Aborigines can – they like to decorate themselves but don’t need to).


See, a man would write an essay and think it good enough, confident that he had the ‘authority’ to force his opinions down our throat without questioning his right to do so.  But I question my head, my thoughts, I tear it down and there was moment when my website was perfect and channelled by an outside intelligence.  I should have left it at that, but I kept working.  And now it is falling apart, or changing into another one, which is not channelled, the connection left when the Pleiades ‘set’ in the sky (October 15th) and it didn’t stop completely it just began to fade away over time, and I kept working, cos life is like that, it's fluid and it changes.  


I can hear your scepticism, that’s why and I want to compete with you.  But in my heart I wanted to rest and allow the truth to be realised years from now.


Truth? Complicated theory.  What is it, does it exist?  Are there many of them, as many as there are people on the planet, or even more.  What is true for you this moment, may not be in half an hour, or in a day.  When people commit that truth is supposed to remain for a lifetime, but of course it doesn’t, or for many many people it doesn’t.  Or maybe it is dependant on the type of brain you have.  Someone recently said they had a ‘3D brain’.  Meaning that  therefore they'd need to find someone else who had a 3D brain, presumably.  


We are complex like a 'crystalline entity' – but it is also true that we are simple, straightforward.  I said  that my brain is like a Swiss Watch, meaning it is a complicated and beautifully designed piece of machinery with a rhythm of it’s own, but it is also like Swiss Cheese, meaning it is conflicted with a temporary bearing on [your] ‘reality’ and full of memory holes.  Imagine a planet full of me, how incredibly complicated and complex would that be!  And then add in nature, plants, animals, fish and insects etc, . . .Think of how many different humans there are, each having their own experience of what 'reality' is to them.


What human has the right to destroy that?  One we elect or one who has the blood of the Gods flowing through them?  Neither.  No single human should ever have that much power, and here we are with several nations who have that power, some organised groups, some errant individuals.  Is it any wonder then that ETs show up and hover over our power bases?  We should be grateful.  I’m with Klaatu on this one.

Written on Auschwitz

Day, 60 years on

27 Jan 2005

I had a vision of the face of Pacal Votan and the Santilli

Footage alien's face interchanging on New Year's Eve.

It seems to have been created by men with tech though.

Shadowbox '05