Rosunwell Christ M'Ass,
Or in other words eat your own shorts Bart

"They've got star-ships or devices,
Which view, project, emit targetted sounds
And push by air pressure changes,
And also affect brainwave patterns,
within reasons, (not counting treason)

Or else it is HAARPy aeirals emitting
Waves to create shows and sounds
air pressure receiving
Or else it is Faerie wizard type mind power
triperie, trickerie, eerie deceiving

A cold war air weapons probing
or Tuttenkhamun wearily rerobing.
Screens upon screens one way windows
Afterlife Spirits thru a glass darkly
Whatever I do, it's gonna get parky.

Amphibian aquatic green humanoids annoyed
Who travel by aerial ship
Or soldier scouts dousing
By the hive bouyed

Vampyre or Yeti cloaked in disguises
BlackSkyclad or Wiccan Witch
Digital signals or surveillance surprises

Angels, Aliens, Gods or Dinos
Jellyfish, octopii, do they all wear trousers?
Are they 'made in God's image'
Or Maid, in God's Image!
If He was a She we wouldn't sing Hymns
But dance around everywhere in her many houses.

Knowledge of cult is hidden for a reason
For this is a frightening crowded-in season
Static transmissions and star crossed genetics
The word is now written in binary electrics

So light the candle
Draw close
There's a chill in the air
Faint hearted travellers
Had better beware
And do not forget to
Get up from your chair!"

Have a nice mid winter.

Rosunwell Christ M'Ass

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