A new way of looking at things is the Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light.
By Barbara Hand Clow (1995) afterall the internet and computers are light, fibre optics, light, and all light on Earth comes from the Sun.
She says in Chapter 7, Alcyone Library and Tzolk'in - Keeper of Time, "...in the Vatican in 999 A.D. Millenial fever had begun building in 980 A.D., when early medieval Europe was just emerging from the Dark Age that had set in after the fall of Rome, and people were fanning themselves into a wave of religious fanaticism. They were neglecting their fields, families, animals, and villages. They were whipped into a frenzy by a series of prophets talking about the coming Revelation, and people began to believe the world was going to end at midnight on December 31, 999 A.D. The Roman Catholic Church encouraged this apocalyptical fever because people gave more money when they thought there was little time left. All over emerging Europe, the streets were filled with flagellants and fanatics screaming about the end of the world. Children were ignored, women were free with their bodies, wars and plagues spread, and from every point of view, reality became the world described in Revelation. In 999 A.D. everyone waited for the end."
So you see, we have probably already had that part of the 'his-story' described in the Bible.

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